GoodLife Products return to nature in weeks

GoodLife Products return to nature in weeks

Once GoodLife® products have been used, they can all be composted – returning to mother earth in just weeks.

Where once reed and sugar cane was simply cleared and burned, the GoodLife® process has enabled these valuable natural materials to be put to worthwhile use.

Carefully pulped, cooked and UV sterilised, GoodLife® reed or sugar cane pulp is then manufactured into a whole range of biodegradable foodservice products – all meeting tough US FDA Regulations*.

GoodLife® biodegradable foodservice products are not bleached and come in an attractive natural white. Our PLA products are transparent or coloured and importantly, biodegradable too!

* GoodLife® products meet USA FDA Code of Federal Regulations  (CFR21 Section 176.170). Ask for full details when you call us.

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