Biodegradable environmentally friendly plates, bowls and foodservice disposables : Choose GoodLife and help protect the worlds natural resources The Original and best. Biodegradable range since 2003
Choose GoodLife® and you can offer your customers a genuine alternative to paper and plastic. Our plates, bowls, containers and other other foodservice disposables are durable, lightweight and totally biodegradable. Now also available from Sovereign

GoodLife® products are manufactured from reed or sugar cane pulp and our new PLA range from poly lactic acid found in corn starch.

All these renewable resources are totally food safe and biodegradable, so you’ll also be helping to protect the world’s natural resources.

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By selecting GoodLife® renewable, biodegradable foodservice products, wholesalers, caterers, event organisers, fast-food restaurants, schools, colleges and hospitals can all do their bit to help – and meet their environmental obligations.

Once GoodLife® products have been used, they can all be composted – returning to mother earth in just weeks.

Where once reed and sugar cane was simply cleared and burned, the GoodLife® process has enabled these valuable natural materials to be put to worthwhile use.

Carefully pulped, cooked and UV sterilised, GoodLife® reed or sugar cane pulp is then manufactured into a whole range of biodegradable foodservice products.