GoodLife Lids and Cartons

GoodLife Trays, Containers and Cups

The brand new GoodLife® range of environmentally friendly, biodegradable food containers from Cap-it-All means you no longer have to choose between aluminium and plastic.

Robust, heat resistant, microwave and freezer proof, they’re made from renewable natural fibres that degrade safely in a matter of weeks.

We now have available  biodegradable corrugated sleeves to fit BP12FC and BP16FC Food Containers to  prevent your hands from burning when holding hot soup for example.
The code  is CJ12/16FC and they are packed 500pcs per box.

Also available in:-

    • Plates & Bowls
    • Biodegradable Hinge-lid trays and boxes
    • Food Container Lids & Cup Sleeves

All moulded fibre products are made from pulped reed or sugar cane, a sustainable and renewable resource, 100% biodegradable, microwaveable, ovenable up to 220C, impervious to cooking oil up to 130C, non-absorbent, and freezer-safe to -25C